Instructor: Dana Duncan Seil
Medium: Adobe Illustrator
Dimension: 4.25” x 9.75” x 2.5”

A redesign of Starbucks’ Burundi Ngozi coffee bag. The coffee bean has a black tea-like aroma and cinnamon spices with chocolate accents. In Burundi, a country fairly new to coffee cultivation, beans are grown by smallholder farmers and subsequently taken to washing stations, where they’re processed, pooled together and collected by coffee traders. This extraordinary coffee from the town of Ngozi in northern Burundi was delivered to us by Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee, a female-owned trading company in a male-dominated field that is helping to develop Burundi’s specialty coffee industry while improving the lives of the farmers.

Burundi Ngozi_Front
Photos © Tiffany Tran
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