Requestor: Cris Liban
Job Associates: Carolynne Clifford, Robert Hartert
Creative Director: Michael Lejeune
Senior Art Director: Melissa Gordon
Marketing Rep: Kevin Pollard
Asst Marketing Rep: John Herrera
Designer: Tiffany Huang
Design Intern: Eun Jung Bahng

Metro has been offered the opportunity to brand a meeting/training room inside the CleanTech Incubator co-working space in the Arts District. We had to create six posters that will be displayed inside the room. I created four posters using the same color scheme as LA Metro Sustainability lockup.

Green IQ

Illustrations also needed to match the information on each poster:

· More Metro, using less water.
We increased our transit service while reducing our overall water consumption by 36% in just two years.

· Making a joyous noise.
As part of Metro's Crenshaw/LAX Line construction, we donated the wood from trees removed to make drums for local community arts, music and dance organizations.

· Practice and preach.
Since 2013, we've created 50 training modules and more than 650 training sessions for Metro's Environmental Management System.

· Less trashy trash.
We've upped our game in recycling solid waste a lot since 2008, diverting 51,525 tons of the recyclable stuff from landfills.

All posters are mounted on eco-friendly corrugated mount board.

Metro Logo
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