Print, Rebrand

Instructor: Chesley Nassaney
Photo: Tiffany Tran

A redesign of Julia Child‘s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The purpose of this design is creating a cookbook that is easy to look while cooking. Instead of the overwhelming thickness of the original book, each chapter of the book turned into individual books, and they all go into a bookcase. There are twelve books in total including an introduction book, ten recipe books, and index.

The bookcase that goes with the books were created in two different concepts: a case built with Masonite wood and red acrylic, and a clear acrylic case.

The material wood for the wooden bookcase came from the appearance of a cutting board, the place where all the process of cooking starts. On the other hand, the clear acrylic case gives a simple and modern atmosphere of French cooking.

Red is chosen as the accent color for both bookcases since it is considered as an appetite stimulant that often used in restaurants’ decorations.

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