Eun Jung (Jennifer) Bahng is a designer based in New York, working at Pentagram.
Currently pursuing Type@Cooper (23–24) at Cooper Union.

For any inquires, please reach out to:

Brand Identity, Typeface Design

Core77 Design Awards 2021 (student notable), Type Directors Club 67 (typographic exellence)

Special thanks to:
Rudy Manning, Miles Mazzie, Ivan Cruz, and Roy Tatum  

This is a rebrand of Global Gaming Expo (G2E), a gaming industry trade show that is annually held in Las Vegas, Macau, and Manila. New brand name was given to aim familiarity towards the gaming industry, and to target broader audience including those who are new to casino games.

Custom typeface was built under a grid based on a four leaf clover shape, which represents luck. The idea was inspired by the nature of casino games. The overall form of the typeface follows sharpness that can be observed from playing card suit symbols.

The HOUSE introduces “Arena,” where a guided tour through various casino games will be provided to visitors who are new to casinos. Visitors will challenge each other on different gaming rules. The implemented program that generates playing cards based on text-string QR Code on the HOUSE’s app allows users to scan their card to the interaction tables.

Work Process